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Mushroom anthill

The mushroom-type humidity system consists of a mushroom-shaped element made of a porous material that, when in contact with the water in the reservoir located at the bottom of the anthill, is moistened by capillarity and provides both environmental humidity and a source of water for the ants to drink (although it is always advisable to have an additional external drinker).

This system is recommended for species that require medium / high humidity and guarantees to have water for several weeks depending on the size of the anthill and time of year.

Antmeta H9x6 Seta C

13,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H10x10 SC

19,45  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H10x10 Seta v2 COLOR

18,45  (IVA incl.)

Hormiguero Antmeta H16x8 Seta

24,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H20x10 Seta v2 Ampliable

30,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H20x15 Seta Ampliable

39,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H20x15 Seta Amp Placa COLOR

39,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H30x20 Seta Amp Placa COLOR

47,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H30x20 Seta Ampliable

56,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H40x20 Seta Ampliable

63,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H12x8 Seta

16,45  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H20x20 Seta M1

35,99  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H10x10 SGE

15,45  (IVA incl.)

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