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Tingling savings kits. These kits already have an associated discount. Therefore, any other discount coupon used will not be applied to these products.

Kit Antbox Mini

10,88  (IVA incl.)

Kit Antbox Medium

13,60  (IVA incl.)

Kit de iniciación básico

15,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Hormiguero + Colonia C. fallax

34,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Hormiguero + Colonia C. aethiops

34,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Inicio Messor barbarus (colonia incluida)

49,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Colobopsis truncata (colonia incluida)

38,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Temnothorax SP (colonia incluida)

45,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Crematogaster scutellaris (colonia incluida)

36,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Solenopsis

19,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Lasius flavus

19,95  (IVA incl.)

Natur-Magnet Kit (complete set)

64,95 65,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Inicio Messor barbarus SC (colonia incluida)

36,95  (IVA incl.)

Natur-Magnet Heated Kit (complete set)

74,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Natur-Magnet H (complete set)

53,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Natur – Crematogaster scutellaris (colonia incluida)

66,95  (IVA incl.)

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