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Cork anthill

These anthills are recommended for species that require very low humidity (Camponotus, Crematogaster, Temnothorax …)

Antcork 20x10x10

32,95  (IVA incl.)

Kit Hormiguero + Colonia C. fallax

34,95  (IVA incl.)

Hormiguero Antmeta H16x8 Corcho

27,95  (IVA incl.)

Hormiguero Antmeta H16x16 Corcho

32,95  (IVA incl.)

Hormiguero Antmeta H24x16 Corcho

48,99  (IVA incl.)

Hormiguero Antmeta H12x8 Corcho

24,95  (IVA incl.)

Módulo HappyAnt Hexanest Nido

31,95  (IVA incl.)

Módulo HappyAnt Hexanest Box

41,95  (IVA incl.)

Set HappyAnt Hexanest

Original price was: 73,90 €.Current price is: 64,95 €. (IVA incl.)

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