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Sponge / PVA Anthills

This humidity system consists of a sponge made of absorbent material that is moistened from the outside with a pipette or syringe and provides the ambient humidity that the ants need.

Most of our sponge mounds include an anti-evaporation cap which helps the sponge to hold moisture for much longer.

This system is recommended for all types of species, although it must be taken into account that the frequency with which the sponge will have to be moistened will be much higher for species that require higher humidity.

Hormiguero VCG

Original price was: 32,95 €.Current price is: 22,95 €. (IVA incl.)

Hormiguero ACM

19,95  (IVA incl.)

Hormiguero Antmeta H12x8

14,45 15,45  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta HC10x10 2.0

13,30 14,45  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H20x20 M1

35,95 39,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H8x4

9,95 11,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta V15x10 Triplex

Original price was: 26,95 €.Current price is: 21,95 €. (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H15x15

20,95 24,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H40x20 CE

64,95 74,95  (IVA incl.)

Hormiguero Antmeta H16x8 PVA

24,95  (IVA incl.)

H15x3 PVA

19,95 21,95  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H10x10 PVA Ampliable v2

16,45 18,45  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H8x4 PVA

10,45 12,45  (IVA incl.)

Hormiguero Antmeta H12x8 PVA

22,45  (IVA incl.)

Antmeta H20x10 PVA Ampliable v2

27,95 30,95  (IVA incl.)

Hormiguero Antmeta H12x8 PVA SC

15,95  (IVA incl.)

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