Shipping of products throughout the European Union



0,60 0,70  (IVA incl.)

Spare Mushroom

1,45  (IVA incl.)


1,45  (IVA incl.)

Lupa led 40x

9,99  (IVA incl.)


8,95  (IVA incl.)

Manta térmica

13,30 17,99  (IVA incl.)

Plastic pipette

0,20  (IVA incl.)

Transparent red acetate

0,85  (IVA incl.)

Sticker Ant wall or glass

1,99  (IVA incl.)

Syringe with tube

1,45  (IVA incl.)

Cotton extractor

1,99  (IVA incl.)

Anti-vibration pads

1,45  (IVA incl.)

Stainless steel tweezers

2,95  (IVA incl.)

Anti-leak – Mineral oil (10 ml)

2,45  (IVA incl.)

Dropper bottle (10 ml)

0,85  (IVA incl.)

Stainless steel precision tweezers

1,95  (IVA incl.)

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